Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sizzling Encounter

(by sizzling_momma)

I happened to meet a guy named Elvin in one of MIRC’s local chatrooms. I was a Senior student then. We’ve had some things in common, and we share the same views in love and sex. I have learned that he was faithful to his former girlfriends. Unfortunately, his past relationships ended up with him being left for someone else. Since he broke up with his last girlfriend, he decided not to engage yet in a serious relationship, but instead, just have fun.

After few days of chatting and texting, we decided to meet up. There was a movie that I wanted to watch and he volunteered to accompany me.

I arrived early at the meeting place. He informed me earlier he would be late by 5 or 10 minutes due to an unexpected visitor. I sat on a bench playing snake on my Nokia 3210 Cellphone. I wore a tight fitting baby blue shirt, to accentuate my frontal assets. After about 15 minutes, he arrived. He looked very impressive. He stand around 5’9”, medium built, with a pair of dimples on his cheeks.

We seldom talk inside the moviehouse. I was too shy to open a conversation, instead I waited for him to say something. It was getting cold and how I wished he would give me hug or just even hold my hands, but he didn’t. I was thinking of making the first move by grabbing his hands, but I was too hesitant. What if he really doesn’t like me at all? It would be a shame. I was so disappointed. The movie was almost over and he was not making any move nor showing any sign of interest in me.

When the movie ended, we got out of the moviehouse, thanked each other and parted ways. I was thinking that he was not at all interested nor attracted to me.

Few days later, I caught him online. He was the first one who sent me a PM.

“Hi. Musta? Sorry di na ako nakapagtext, dami kasi work.”

“I’m okey.. Medyo busy din, lapit na kc midterm.”

“Ah, okey, goodluck ha. Did you enjoy the movie?”

“Yes, I did. Ikaw?”

“Very much. I thought you didn’t, tahimik ka kasi.”

“Pasensya na, medyo na shy lang.”

“Ako din. Tell u something, I wanted to touch you, pero baka magalit ka.”

”Ganon? Hahaha.. Galit ako coz you didn’t do anything, “

“Hahaha. Really? Sayang.”

“Yes, I waited for you to make the first move. You missed your chance.”

“Hehehe. Sayang talaga.. U know wat, I got a hard on looking at your bumpers. I’ve wanted to hold them pero I was too scared, baka magalit ka.”

“Uhmm, well, puede ka pang bumawi if you want to.”

“You sure? Okey lang sayo?”

Our conversation ended up with an agreement to meet on Saturday night. During those days, meeting and dating was one of my pastime. But I make sure that my studies are not neglected.

Saturday arrived. I prepared myself. I wanted to impress and please Elvin. I shaved.

We met at Mc Donalds, ordered our dinner and rode a taxi. We were caught in traffic. I could sense na kabado din sya. This time, hindi na ako nag alinlangan. I grabbed his hand and held it. He looked at me and smiled. I glanced down and noticed a bulge starting to form. I looked at him with a naughty smile, he squeezed my hand.

When we arrived at the motel, he locked the door threw his bag and kissed me on the lips. I kissed him back. Our lips locked, our tongues swirled. He kissed and licked my neck my earlobes, making me weak and wet, while his hands on my back searching for the hook of my bra. He then released it and immediately grabbed my breasts. He pushed me towards the bed and laid me down. He pulled my shirts up to reveal my two lovely breasts. He licked and sucked my left breast while he squeezed the right one.

He was so good. I felt like I was paralyzed. I couldn’t move, my whole body was weakened by the sensations of his hands, mouth and tongue were giving me. Then he started to unbutton and pulled my jeans down, then my underwear, revealing my newly shaved cunt. He looked surprised.

“Oh shit, ang ganda ng pussy mo.”

I couldn’t say a word.

He then opened my legs apart and inserted his finger in it.

“oohhhh shit, cge paahhh.. ahhhh.”

Then he licked my clit, slowly. “ahhhh, shit, ang saraahp.. ohhh”

Then he started to increase his speed, driving me wild. He inserted two fingers, licked, bit and sucked my clit.

I knew I was dripping.. I could feel and hear my wetness by the soggy noise of his fingers moving in and out of my whole..

“oohhh, aaahhhh, ohhh.. shiittt.. ahhhhh.”

Then it was my turn to please him. I asked him to lie down. Pulled his shirt up, licked his chest and played with his nipples. I then unbuttoned his jeans, opened his zip, pulled it down, leaving his briefs on. I continued licking his chest down to his navel while touching the center of his manhood. I could hear his soft moans as I increased the pressure of my hands on his huge bulge.

I pulled his briefs down, and was amazed at the sight and size of his cock. Wow, it was the biggest I have seen so far. I held the base and licked the tip of it. Slowly glided it between my hungry lips. I licked and sucked his cock. Due to its size, I couldn’t take all of it inside my mouth. I licked his balls as well, the area between his balls and anus, then I heard him scream.

I stood up and positioned myself on top of him. I squatted, held his cock and pushed myself against it. It hurted a little. Slowly moved my hips back and forth. I could feel his hardness deep inside of me. Then he reached for my breasts to squeeze them.

“Ohhh Shit, ang sarap mo…”

“Ikaw din, ang sarap mo, ang laki ng dick mo.”

“ohh, sige pa.. ohhh, sige pa, grind more.”

I rotated my hips and ignored the pain.. The feeling of pleasure was dominating the pain.. After few minutes, I heard him say.. “Ohh andyan na ako.. ohhhh.” I moved my hips faster and pushed it harder… ahhh ohhhh.ahhhh..”

We rested for about 30 minutes. Did another two rounds and tried other positions. It was already midnight when we left the motel.

I woke up at 10:00am the next day with a message on my fon.. “Thanks. U wer sooo hot. I had a good tym, hope u did. Sana may next time pa.”

About a month later, we dated again. Our 2nd encounter has become more intense since we were then more comfortable with each other.

Several months passed. He got busy with his work. I got myself a boyfriend so I refrained from meeting up and dating with other guys. But it didn’t work, we broke up a month before my graduation.

I received a text from Irvin on my graduation.


“Thanks vin. But u know what, I’m depress.”

“May I know why?”

“Im alone here, my parents could not come.”

“I see. You want a company later? I can volunteer myself. We can go sumwer else.”

“Okey, vin.. Thanks.”

I was eager to see Elvin again. But after the graduation ceremony, when I was about to leave the gymnasium, I saw my ex boyfriend near the entrance door with a bouquet on his hands. He waved and smiled at me. Congratulated me and handed me the bouquet. I was flattered though. Then he invited me out for dinner. I wanted to say no since I already gave my word to Elvin. Moreover, I prefer to be with Elvin than him. But then he told me he’s leaving in the next 2 days for a work in Cebu. So I texted Elvin and informed him that something came up and that I could not make it.

6 weeks after graduation, I enrolled in a review class, in preparation for the Board Exam. I chose the 6-9PM Schedule. Once a week, we would have a Pre Board Examination. I decided to skip it one time since I was not prepared. Instead, I stayed an internet café. Then I saw Elvin online.

“Hello vin. Musta? Still at work?”

“ Hi.. Im okey.. Eto, as usual, OT na naman.”

“Sipag natin ah. Sinong kasama mo?”

“Mga ipis at daga lang. You can pay me a visit if you like.”

“Okey, I’m bored din, sige puntahan kita dyan.”

I asked for the Office Address.. Decided to hike since the Office is located just few blocks away.

When I got there, I found out, he was indeed alone. He offered me a chair and asked me to sit down. Daming papers nakatambak sa table nya.

We’ve talked a lot, kumustahan etc etc. Then he asked me to come closer to his PC. He said he wanted to show me something. It was an x rated film pala. He left me for a while to answer a phone call. I watched the film and got turned on. Then I felt his hands on my shoulders. He hugged me and said he missed me. I knew what was gonna happen next. I tried to fight the temptation since I knew it was not the right place to do it. What if someone arrives and sees us? But my body was too weak to fight. His touch freezes my nerves.

Then I felt his lips and tongue on my nape. His hands on my breasts. I stood up to face him. He grabbed my waist and kissed me on the lips. I kissed him back, passionately. I could already feel his hardness growing. Then he asked me to sit on his table, I obeyed. I helped him unhook my bra.

He stood in front of me, pulled my tops up, and bended to grab my breasts, squeezed and sucked them alternately. Then he unzipped my jeans and pulled it down. He spreaded my legs apart and stucked his face on it. He sucked and licked my soaking cunt, eating it like a hungry animal.

Then I jumped off the table, pulled his jeans down, kneeled in front of him and immediately sucked his rocking hard cock. He moaned as he saw his cock moved in and out of my mouth. I tightened my lips to increase the friction, that made him moan even louder.

Then he pushed me down to the floor, pulled my legs up to his shoulders and pressed his enormous hard cock on my dripping cunt. I moaned and screamed as he thrusts deeper. My whole body was shaking as he rammed his cock in and out of my wet cunt.

After several minutes, he stretched his body on top of me, we kissed and rolled on the floor. It was then my turn to drive him. Sat on down on his cock and grinded hard until he came.

When we were finished we stood up, looked at each other and laugh at ourselves. Both our bodies were dusty.

We got dressed and exited the office.

The next day, he texted me during an office hour.

“Hi.. How r u? Me, I cud not concentrate on my work. My table reminds me of wat happened. I cud not stop but think of it. Hehehe.”

A week later, I paid him another visit at his office during an overtime. This time, we did it at his boss’ table.

That was my last encounter with Elvin.

To date, we still communicate through chat. He is still single. And he said he looks forward to doing it with me again. He tag me as one of the hottest girls he’s been with.

The End.

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