Friday, June 19, 2009

Karen Chatter

(by moderator)

Ilan buwan na rin kami nagcha-chat ni Karen, kaya nagdecide na kami mag-eyeball. Taga tarlac sya, ako nasa manila. Mern na sya asawa, kaya lang nasa abroad. Nagka-cam kami, type na type ko sya kase cute sya saka ang sexy! malaki ang boobs medyo chubby. Type nya rin ako, nag agree na rin sya makipagkita sakin sa isang hotel sa may pampanga - kumbaga halfway para di gano malayo byahe. Kahit 2 nights na bakasyon lang.

Nag booked ako ng room saka nagbilin ako sa reception na dadating ang “roommate” ko mga 2 hours late pa. I requested two keys; mine and another they should have ready for her. Tinext ko kay Karen ang room number, saka ung key nasa reception, kunin na lang nya. Ok, sagot nya.

Oddly enough, I knew Karen through my former employer. As a customer service rep, I spoke with her over the phone all the time. However, we never met personally, sa webcam lang. Nakita na sya ng boss ko. Dinescribe nya si Karen na napaka cute na babe, although mas matanda sakin ng 10 years. She was a voluptuous girl, with large, full breasts. After I left my then current job, she and I continued to keep in touch via email and chat. There was a definite mutual interest that we both felt enough of, to explore in person. Sa chat, ang sweet sweet namin, kaya madalas nauuwi sa sex chat. Napaka hot nya rin, kulang ata ng atensyon sa asawa nya.

Umalis muna ko sandali, umikot ikot sa malapit na department store. Nang bumalik ako…hmmm..meron na tao sa loob. The shower was running. I closed the door and quietly walked in. Karen was in the bathroom. I walked over to the table and poured myself a glass of wine. Karen had already opened a bottle so I helped myself. I sipped as I undressed. Nalilibugan na ko sa isip ko pa lang na pupuntahan ko sya sa shower. Nung nakahubad na ko na nakatapis lang ng twalya, I refilled my glass and walked towards the bathroom. I eased the door open, stepped in and closed the door. I could hear the different sounds of the water in the shower as Karen moved around. I went to the foot of the tub and drew the shower curtain from the wall, towards the center of the rod. Karen was startled for a moment but relaxed once she realized what was going on. Napangiti sya, ang ganda nga nya in person. Nagbeso beso kami, pero halatang tayong tayo na ang alaga ko, nakaumbok kahit nakatwalya ako.

“Wine…?” I asked. She smiled.

“Tease.” she said, as water ran over her lips. Medyo nakatalikod pa rin sya sakin pero nakikita ko na gilid ng malaking boobs nya. My eyes fell from her head to her shoulders and kept falling as I soaked in the wonderful view of her nakedness. Each part of her body was like its own, separate, little waterfall as the clear fluid cascaded over her shape. Ang sexy nya talaga, alagang alaga ang katawan, at ang puti nya pala. Libog na libog na ako, nagwawala na ang alaga ko…

When my eyes fell upon her pubic area, I noticed that she was completely shaven. No. Waxed. Wow; she really went all out for me. She looked at me looking at her, wonder in her eyes. Ngumiti sya na parang lalong nang aakit. Slowly, I stepped into the shower, behind her. The shower head was in front of her, above her head. Water streamed down like soft, hot pellets against her breasts. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead. If I was beginning to sweat then she was definitely hot. I put my right hand on her left shoulder and turned her around, facing me. I raised the glass, smiled and leaned down brushing my lips on her breast, right by her nipple. I poured some of the wine on her chest and let it run down her bosom, running off her nipple into my mouth. Napaungol sya, lalo ko namang pinag igi ang pagsupsop sa nipples nya.

The sound of the running water quickly muffled her moan. The constant splashing of the water on the tub floor was an erotic sort of soundtrack, playing in the background. I traced my index finger down Karen’s breast, towards her nipple, then circling around it. I could almost see it throb. I licked the faint taste of wine from my fingertip. Karen watched, her mouth slightly open. I gently slid my finger past her lips, on top of her tongue. It was soft. Hot. Wet. Suck nya ang finger ko, then inalis ko, parang nagpop up…hmmmm…ang hot ng dating. Tinetrace ko ang finger ko pababa, mula sa mouth nya, papunta sa boobs, then down pa papunta sa puke nya…nung andun na ang finger ko sa clit nya, ramdam na ramdam ko ang wet na wet na puke nya na malagkit lagkit. ang sarap haplusin, pinasok ko na rin ang finger ko habang supsop ko pa rin ang magkabilang boobs nya…todo na ang halinghing ni Karen…ahhhhhhh…

I stopped for a moment. Karen opened her eyes; the mix of question and disappointment on her face was cute. Once she realized that I was just trying to sit down in the tub, the expression on her face turned to curiosity. Once seated Indian-style, I put my hand on Karen’s left leg and pulled it towards me. Her right foot sat in front of me, to my left. Her left foot was to the right of my right thigh. Karen’s legs were open and her pussy was inches from my face. Her whole body was wet, but it was the soft fold of her lips that glistened. I ran my hand up her right thigh, embracing her smooth skin. I reached and ran my hands across her ass. It was soft; firm; smooth. My hand glided with the hot water over her cheeks and then between them. A very secret area; sensitive. I slipped my hand in deeper, moving it along her crease, my pinky finger brushing against her anus. Every inch, every curve of her ass was so smooth, so supple; even hairless. I brought my hand down further and forward, once again tracing her pussy lips.

My hand turned as my middle finger traced her opening and moved. Pininger ko sya… With my middle and index fingers, I spread her lips apart, exposing her clitoris. Pumuwesto ako para saktong sakto ang mouth ko sa pussy nya, then kinain ko na ang puke nya. My finger made circles around her clit. Within seconds, she was swollen. Her heartbeat was now centered in her clit. So close to her, I blew on her clit. She jumped. That was my cue. I flicked my tongue over her clit. First just single, upward strokes. Deliberately slow. Then I quickened the pace. Karen began moaning. Sarap na sarap sya…ahhhh ang sarap naman! ungol sya ng ungol…Soon I was rapidly lapping at her clit. My tongue flicked wildly, licking and probing her love button. I ran my finger into her sopping wet pussy. Her juices were beginning to run down her thighs.

I looked up at Karen; nilalamas nya ang dede nya. She caressed them upwards, stopping only to pull on her nipples. Her mouth was open, allowing her to “ooooh” every few moments. Droplets of water fell from her tits, onto my face. The sight of Karen playing with her tits while I sucked on her clit turned me on immensely. Pinasok ko pa isa pang finger ko inside her pussy, then in and out naaa….ang sarap nya tignan na pina-fuck nya rin ang finger ko sa action ng hips nya. I was now feverishly eating her pussy. I licked and lapped at her folds, drinking her wetness as it practically poured into my mouth. Karen’s moans got louder, encouraging me to lick faster and suck harder. My fingers were deep inside her, massaging her g-spot. Karen started screaming. Loud.

“Oh! Oooooh…. my god! Oh, god, oh, god, oh god!”

She got louder and louder. I could tell she was nearing her climax.

“Oooooh! OoooaaaaAHHHH!”

She was cumming. Her sweet juices flooded my face, pouring down into my mouth. Nagi-squirt na sya…ang daming lumalabas na cum nya, tumilamsik pa sa face ko…

“Ahhhhh…!” Ohhhhhhh…shitttt….grabeeee!

My fingers rapidly palpatated on her g-spot as I licked and sucked her clit. She gushed into my waiting, open mouth. She continued screaming and eventually lowered her voice to a constant, low moan. Her eyes were shut tight. Her mouth was open; her body, tense. Karen’s vocals drowned out the sound of the running water; it faded back into my ears. I was so into what I was doing, I almost forgot I was sitting in the shower. I reached between Karen’s legs for the shower knob and turned the water off. I stood up and pushed the shower curtain back as I stepped out of the shower. I put my hand out and Karen put hers in it. Our grips tensed as she stepped out onto the towel on the floor. I took her other hand in mine and soaked in her naked beauty. Ngumiti sya, ang cute nya tlaga, parang beauty queen sya dati kase. I pulled her closely and pressed my lips against hers. Our tongues danced and twisted as our hot, naked bodies rubbed together. Karen’s aggressive tongue in my mouth and her hard, wet nipples brushing across my chest made all the blood in my body rush to my cock. In an instant I was rock hard. My rigid member poked Karen and her face came alive.

“Oooh”, she said, with a sly grin on her face. She reached down and began stroking my hard on. Jinajakol nya habang naghahalikan kami. Karen’s hand on my throbbing dick lit a fire deep within my loins.Gusto ko na sya kantutin ng todo.

I pushed Karen towards the sink with my body. Her ass bumped the edge and she instinctively sat up on the countertop, next to the sink. I put my hands on her knees and spread her legs. I grabbed the base of my cock and rubbed the swollen head up and down Karen’s slippery wet pussy lips. I made sure to brush against her clit with each upstroke. I moved my cock head down to her entrance and pushed it in. Aaaaaahhhhh….ang sarappppp! Basang basa ang puke nya kaya madali kong naipasok ang tarugo ko. Ang sarappp…binaon ko ng husto, masikip sikip na madulasss…it just felt so goooooooood.

I thrust my dick all the way inside Karen. She took a deep breath as her eyes widened. I slowly withdrew my cock from Karen’s depths and replaced it with my finger. Karen’s eyes opened as she eyed me quizzically. I stared at her deeply as I reached for her breast. I fondled her firm tit and teased her nipple as I pushed her back towards the mirror. Gusto ko pa patagalin, gigil na gigil ako sa kanya, kaya gusto ko muna syang paligayahin, labasan sya ng todo.

I put my hands under Karen’s knees and lifted her spread legs until her toes were pointing at opposite corners of the ceiling. I returned my finger to Karen’s dripping sex. I leaned down and slipped my tongue into her folds, licking and lapping at her obvious excitement. Karen’s moaning was just music to my ears and I lowered my tongue below her pussy. I probed the soft, sensitive skin between her two holes. Her juices were practically streaming down. With my two thumbs, I parted Karen’s cheeks. I flicked my tongue over Karen’s rosebud and felt her flinch. Her body was tense again and a single moan escaped her lips. I dabbed at it once more, letting my tongue give a little more pressure this time. She jerked slightly. This time I stuck my tongue out as far as it would go. I pressed the pointy tip into Karen’s crack, slowly and purposely licking up and over her asshole. Lick ko ang anus nya, ang linis din nun…napapaigtad si Karen, sarap na sarap sya…Puro ohhhhhhhhh at aahhhhhhhh naririnig ko…pagewang gewang ang katawan nya…

Karen’s body was writhing in pleasure. Her hips were slowly gyrating and she reached down to play with her clit while I fingered her tight pussy. I continued my oral assault on Karen’s asshole. It was wet enough that I could slowly work my finger inside. The tip of my index finger pressed against the rim. I could feel her muscles clench. I continued licking as I slowly pushed my digit inside of her. I wiggled it back and forth. Soon, I was turning my finger clockwise and counter clockwise as I moved the tip in and out of her ass. I did this simultaneously as the middle finger from my other hand penetrated her other hole. I slowly worked my finger deeper and deeper into Karen’s ass, still twisting it. Karen’s finger was a blur now as she rapidly moved it back and forth, over her clit.

Karen’s moans got louder and turned to screams again as she began cumming. I quickened my finger’s pace, fucking her ass with speed. My other finger was now joined by a second as I plunged in and out of her contracting pussy. I lapped at her brown eye as best I could with my finger in the way, as Karen’s cum came running down. Her screams echoed off the tiled bathroom walls. A string of “Oh my god”s followed, then her sceaming continued. She was having multiples. Now was not the time to stop. I pushed my two fingers deep into her soaking wet cunt, searching for her g-spot. When the tips of my two fingers found it, her screams got louder and more intense. Nagi-squirt na naman syaaa…ang daming lumalabas…

“Aaaaaahhhhhhh….oohhhhhh my goddddd!” grabeeeee ang saraaaaapppp….aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - ang lakas na ng ungol ni Karen

Her chest rose and fell with each fast, heavy breath. I kept my other finger inside Karen’s butt and wiggled it around. I moved my tongue from Karen’s ass to her clit, nudging her hand out of the way. I sucked and licked her clit as her body convulsed. Her screams lowered to moans that were long and full of exhaustion. I slowly pulled my fingers from inside her body as I kissed my way up her stomach. Her head was leaning against the mirror. Her eyes were closed; her hair was wet and stringy. Her breasts were covered in beads of water; sweat, no doubt. Pinagpawisan sya ng konti…

I helped Karen off the counter. Our lips met yet again as I snaked my hands all over her body. I led Karen out of the bathroom, towards the bed. When we arrived at the foot of the bed, I motioned for Karen for lay down. She had other ideas. She removed her hand from mine and pushed me down onto the bed. Rose petals jumped into the air as my body hit the bed spread. Karen coyly eyed my half limp cock, then smiled wryly as she looked me in the eye. She lay down next to me on the bed and fisted my shaft. She talked as she jerked me back to an erection…

“You know, that was really something in the bathroom…Ngayon lang ako nilabasan ng ganun”

“I really enjoyed it,” I said.

“Ang sarap talaga, kaya lang parang nauhaw ako. Expending that kind of energy really makes me thirsty.”

…and with that, she buried her head in my crotch. She took half of my cock in her mouth as she jerked the other half. Her head bobbed up and down. Her mouth was hot and wet and most of all, tight. With each ascension of her head came a sucking noise. She jerked and sucked my dick like it was the only thing she wanted to do all night.

“Oh… god…” ang sarap mo naman mag blow…sabi ko. Nakakabaliw ang galing nya mag deep throat. Sumasanggi tlaga dulo ng titi ko sa may lalamunan nya..masikip un. pero di sya nabibilaukan, nako kontrol nya ang paghinga. Ako naman sarap na sarap sa masikip nyang lalamunan.

Karen played with my balls. She cupped them and rolled them around in her hand. She licked my shaft up and down, slicking it with her saliva. She took the head of my cock back in her mouth and sucked it while her tongue swirled around it. She licked back down my shaft to the base of my throbbing hard on and started tonguing my balls. She lapped at each one individually, then I watched in favorable surprise as they disappeared into her mouth. She lightly sucked them as they bounced around on her tongue.

Sinubo nya lahat lahat ng tarugo ko. She put her thumb and index finger around my cock at the base and switched to a kneeling position; my cock never left her mouth. Now she was taking the full length of my dick deep into her mouth. Her head was bouncing up and down, tossing her hair back and forth. The site of Karen’s ass in the air while her head vigorously worked in my lap pushed me over the edge.

“Oh shit…! Oh, god, oh shit, i’m gonna cum…!”

“Mmm, mm,”she muffled, attempting to say ‘uh uh’. She took her thumb and pressed it into the skin beneath my balls, keeping me from ejaculation. Ang galing ng technique nya…di nga ko nilabasan, napipigilan ko pa. She continued sucking my dick with the same fervor. While her thumb kept me from spewing my load, her fingers began playing with my balls. My eyes kept moving back from Karen’t insatiable mouth to her luscious ass. Whenever her mouth rose to the top of my cock, I glanced past her chin, trying to get a glimpse of her jiggling tits. Karen’s fervent blow job stopped when she grabbed my cock by the base and rubbed it all over her face. I’d seen this in porno movies but never understood the purpose. Until now. The look of pure lust in Karen’s face as her hungry clutches gripped my throbbing cock, rubbing it all around her face, leaving streaks of a mixture of precum, was overwhelmingly arousing.

“Oh- omigod…”

Karen moved her thumb from below my balls and slipped a finger into my asshole.


Kaen pushed her finger deeper into my ass. I was so turned on. Grabe ang sarap pala nun ginagalaw din ang butas ng pwet.She continued sucking hungrily as I quickly approached orgasm.

“Oh… Oh, god… i’m gonna cum… i’m gonna cum…!” sigaw na ko…

“Mmmmm…!” Karen moaned with a mouth full of cock. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge. Closer. Closer. Then it happened. I shot my first spurt of thick semen, deep into Karen’s throat. “Aaaaarrgghhhhhhh…oohhhhhhhhhh!” She just encouraged more.


Her finger moved faster in my ass, massaging my prostate. A second shot of cum burst into Karen’s sucking mouth. Tumilamsik na naman ang tamod ko…

“Oh god, yes, cge paaaaa!” she cried out and went back to sucking the life out of me. Some of my cum dribbled out of her mouth and down her chin. She seemed to enjoy my cum almost as much as I enjoyed filling her mouth with it. I felt another rush of cum rocket through my shaft, into Karen’s mouth. She took my cock out of her mouth and cum flew through the air.

“Oh, yes, cum for me baby…!” She screamed. The more she wanted it, the more I gave. She stood up on her knees in between my legs, frantically rubbing her tits. She put two fingers in her mouth, coated them with my cum and brought them to her nipples. One at a time, she painted her nipples with my man whip.

“Oohhhhh…” libog na libog kaming dalawa. She brought her head back down into my lap and sucked the rest of my cum off my cock. Karen stood back up and spit my cum out onto her tits and rubbed it around. Di pa sya nakuntento, meron pa syang gustong gawin..she lowered her body back onto mine, surrounding my dick with her tits. She pushed them together, engulfing my prick, then she jerked me off with her big, soft globes. Tini tit fuck nya ko..ang sarap ng dede nya sa tarugo ko!

“Oh my god, that felt so good,” I said, breathing a deep sigh of exhaustion. “I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard in my life, before. Tatlong beses ako nilabasan…”

“Mmmm, talaga?” she cooed, “I really enjoyed it.”

“Yeah, it certainly sounded like it. You were screaming like you had an orgasm.”

“Almost. Malapit na naman ako nun eh…”

“Seriously…?” At that, Karen spread her legs and reached between them with two fingers. She rubbed her pussy for a moment and brought her fingers up to my face. They were soaking wet. I was wide-eyed in disbelief.

“Aaaahhh… Oooooooohhhhhh, fuck me now… Fuuuuck me…” Karen wasn’t done yet. She got on all fours and crawled toward the foot of the bed. Bent over on her hands and knees, her back arched, Karen’s ass was high in the air. Her ass crack was spread slightly; her pussy’s wetness glistened. She turned her head, looking back at me.

“Kantutin mo na ko… Fuck me now, deep and hard.”

I sat up, got on my knees and positioned myself behind her. My hard on bobbed up and down, just inches from her ass. I picked up one of the rose pedals off the bed.

“You want me to fuck you…?”

“Yes… mmm… please…cge na pleasssseeee”

I caressed her pussy with the rose pedal, moving it up and down her lips.

“Gusto mo ba ng kantot marino ha?”


I softly blew on Karen’s ass. Then I took the rose pedal and lightly ran it up her crack.

“How bad do you need it…?”

“Oooh, I need it really bad, Kantutin mo naaa kooooooo!” aaaaahhhh….please fuck me now…”

I poked my swollen dick head past Karen’s pussy lips. She tensed up, embracing my penetration, but I didn’t move any further. Karen pushed back onto my cock, but I pulled away.

“Give it to me… please.”

I pushed the tip of my dick back against her pussy and ran it up and down her opening, finally slipping it in. I was teasing her, but I was also teasing myself, too. I couldn’t take much more. I slid my hard cock all the way inside her. Pinasok ko ng madiin, baon na baon….

She was so tight. Mainit init na madulas, ang sarap sa loob ng puke nya. I built up a rhythm, pushing and pulling myself in and out of her. She pushed her body back against mine, complimenting my rhythm with her own. We immediately fell into sync. Karen’s pussy muscles contracted around my cock; every time she did that, she brought me closer and closer to orgasm.

My hands left her hips and reached under her for her tits. They were soft and supple, bouncing around every time I thrust into her. I fondled them; admired their firmness. I played with her nipples, lightly pulling on and pinching them.

“Aaaaahhhh…hmmmmm…cge pa kantutin mo pa ko…”

Ang ganda tignan ng matambok nyang pwet, umaalog habang labas pasok ang titi ko, sinasalubong nya.

Soft moans escaped her lips in between the louder moans. Just listening to her made my dick throb. I moved one hand away from her tits, down her soft stomach and over her mound. My middle finger found her clit. I rubbed it in circles and then back and forth. That was pretty much all it took. Something in Karen clicked. Her moans got louder, sometimes turning to screams. It so fucking hot to hear her wail like that. I was about ready to blow, too.

“Oh…godddd! ahhhhh…malapit na ko……!” sumisigaw na sya….

“Aaahhhh…sabay tayooo….ahhhhh!”

“Oh, god…! Cum inside me…! Shoot it deep inside my cunt…!” With that, she started cumming and those demanding words sent me over the edge. Karen’s pussy squeezed wildly around my cock as she came. Her contractions milked me and my balls tensed up as jets of my hot semen squirted deep inside her. Her pussy was so tight, I couldn’t stop cumming. Ang dami ko na naman nilabas…sa puke nya. Di sya nag attempt na linisin ang puke nya pagkatapos, gusto ata magka anak sa kin….

Karen and I fucked and sucked each other all night until we fell asleep in a heap on the bed. I made sure to put every inch of her body in my mouth at some point during the course of our fuckfest. We were both thoroughly worked over. Kinabukasan, sabay kami ni Karen lumabas, bumalik na sya sa Tarlac, ako sa Manila. Pero nagpa reserve na ako ulit, for the following weekend.

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