Tuesday, June 9, 2009

If He Could Just Be Mine

(by wetfuture)

Ginising ako ng tunog ng cp ko and wondered who the caller is since hindi yon nka-register sa phonebook ko…
“Hello, good morning!” i tried to be nice out of phone courtesy kahit gusto ko siya sigawan kasi nambubulahaw siya ng tulog. It was still 2′o clock in the morning and I had a very nice sleep kasi pagod ako the other day from a pilgrimage together with my hubby. Ang mas nakakapikon is that that the line went off the moment I nswered!
Then my phone rang again. Same number appeared on the screen. Sinagot ko pa rin kasi baka naman something important or emergency ba kaya.

“Hello! Is Kenji there?” boses ng lalaki and he’s asking for my boyfriend.

“Wala. Bakit? Ano kailangan mo sa kanya?”

“Tatanong ko lang sana kung natuloy sila sa sayaw,” he asked with hesitation.

“I don’t know coz he’s not here. He went straight home pagkatapos niya ko ihatid.”

“Ah ok!” sagot niya. “May I ask for your name?” dagdag pa niya.

“Elle here. How about u and how do you know this number?” siyempre the usual questions.

“Your number is registered under Kenji’s name in my phonebook and I am surprised bakit babae sumagot.”

“Oh i see. It could be that a common friend must have borrowed your phone to text me and u happened to save my number then.” sapantaha ko naman.
So that was it! A wrong call that brought us together. We didn’t notice we were talking for hours na pala. I enjoyed talking to him coz we have some common friends but unfortunately I have no idea who he really was. On the other hand, he seemed to have seen me already coz he correctly described details about my features. Quite tall, maputi, mahaba ang buhok sa bandang likuran pero maikli sa harapan, may kakaibang piercing sa right ear, napakahabang nails sa kamay polished with red color. He told me we have met at the same pilgrimage the previous year and just this year pero wala talagang nag-pop-up na mukha sa isipan ko. I recognized all the people he mentioned during that trip pero wala pa rin akong idea if nakita ko nga sya o hindi. Natapos usapan namin ng di ko pa rin maisip sino talaga sya.

Sabi nalang niya “Ok lang! Beautiful women only recognize handsome guys.”

“Sira! Siguro isnabero ka kaya di kita napansin kasi deadma ang show mo.” Hirit ko naman.

“You’re not even aware I was with the group!” tampo ang gago.

“Ok, I’ll make it up to you next year!” sabay tawa kong sabi.

“Too bad! Next year pa? How about ngayon na?”

“No way! I wanna catch some more sleep pa eh para naman di ako masigawan ng boss ko pag nakatulog ako sa office.”
We had a conversation for hours and I enjoyed every minute talking to him even there are times we just talk of nonsense things.

Tumawag na naman siya the next day and we talked for hours na naman. I’m beginning to like him coz he’s so witty, funny and can relate to everything I’m talking about. Pati nga about cosmetics alam niya yun! Kasi naman he’s also a performer/dancer just like my bf and their managers demand they should know girl’s thing lalo na pag may show.
He told me that he knew Kenji but he got no idea I’m with him for six years already. (sama noh? nauna pa post ko about the new one kesa long time partner ko :-D next posts nalang un)
He’s calling me regularly for a month already and kept on asking me to meet him. However, I was kinda hesitant because of the fear that I might lose control. Sa phone nga gusto ko na sya, how much more in person? Mind you, he’s one of the hottests in his group. Kaya ganun nalang takot ko baka magkasala na naman ako sa bf ko.
Then time came na medyo masama loob ko sa bf ko kaya when he called me that evening, I agreed to see him. He will be waiting somewhere coz he’s afraid to drive into my place kasi di raw niya kabisado lugar namin.

I took the cab while I kept talking to him to monitor daw if ok ba ko kasi baka raw ano mangyari sa akin or ano gagawin ng driver sa akin. (gestures like that make women weak sometimes).
Nang dumating na ko sa lugar, medyo nahirapan pa kong makita sya kasi nasa bandang madilim sya and itong si manong driver ang nakakita sa kanya. Hmmm… si manong driver talaga nakikinig sa usapan.
I got off the taxi, go near him and realized he’s so cute.

“Hello! I’m Elle and I finally get to see you.” Kuntodo smile pa rin ako kahit kinakabahan na ko.

“Kala ko hindi ka sisipot. And it was really you.”


“Honestly, I asked for your number dun sa common friend natin during the pilgrim kasi type kita. Sabi pa nga niya wag na lang daw kasi gf ka ng friend namin.”

I was kinda surprised by that.

I go near him and sealed a short kiss on his lips. He was surprised. A naughty smile flashed my lips when I pulled off.
“See? Told yah I can kiss anybody without giving much fuss on it. Asan tayo?” I asked to ease the tension between us.

“Ikaw!” he answered.

“I want to eat something.” I looked at him straight into the eyes with the same naughty smile.

“What?” he’s kinda thinking of something I know.

“Millions of siomai!” I exclaimed and then laughed.

He laughed as well and get hold of my hand and held me toward him. Gave me a gentle hug and whispered in my ear “I don’t wanna force you to believe me but I am so drawn into you.”

I was stunned. I know men may like me but I’m not used to those dramatic words but I admit I had this feeling of contentment, happiness and safety in his arms.

“Tara kain na tayo! Ma-holdap pa tau dito eh” That was my escape coz I donno how to answer him. Drawn into me? What does he really mean? Was he telling me about love or he’s just into me physically?
Pagkatapos namin kumain, he insisted on driving me home.

It was sunday and pareho kaming walang work. Nasa sala kami at we were talking about everything. We laughed together, hugged each other and just let the time pass by without us knowing it. It’s a feeling of forgetting about the rest of the world when we were together.

Seeing the desire and love in his eyes makes me wanna melt like a cube of ice.

He can’t let go of my hand. Until di ko na pinahirapan sarili namin at ako na mismo nag-initiate on kissing him as I straddled on his lap. He caressed my left breast so tenderly with his left hand while the other was holding the back of my neck like he don’t want our lips to part. I could feel the fire on his skin and the massive bulge and hardness inside his pants.




Those were in utterance of the desire and pleasure we felt.

“I want you so much” he said while removing my shirt. He unhooked my bra and got sight of the breasts every man

would crave for… “So beautiful!” he praised them.

He sucked my right nipple while playing with the other. We changed position and I lay back on the sofa. He continued kissing me from my lips, my earlobe, my neck down to my tummy. He caressed my back so tenderly that I could really feel the intense desire. His kisses and caresses begun to become more aggressive. Hugging me so tight from time to time. Biting me softly. Sucking my whole body and spreading kisses inches by inches all throughout the parts that his lips can reach.

I removed his shirt. He unzipped my pants and slid his hands inside my thong. He can prove my desire for him. I am so wet. I stroke the bulge in his pants. He breathed deep just by that. His lips went down until he reached my cunt.

“Wow!” when he kissed ang aking naglalawang hiwa. He inserted one finger inside my hole and it offered me great sensation and pleasure. I could feel his intense desire for me but hindi ako nabastusan sa mga pangyayari. In fact, his presence and his touch made me so happy.

He’s licking and sucking me down there giving me volts of pleasure.

“Sige pa please…Don’t stop! Malapit na ko.” I pleaded.

I dont know saan ko ibabaling ulo ko sa sarap at kiliting dulot ng kanyang mga kamay at dila na pilit pinagpala ang aking hiyas.

“Add one more finger,” I told him and he obeyed. Few more seconds and I exploded into the intense pleasure making love can bring.

“Kaw naman,” I said and motioned him to lay back. I unzipped his pants and surprised by his huge cock. I wanna ride him right there and then but I felt like sucking the big thing first. I gave the head of his cock gentle and few kisses while looking at him with a naughty smile. Few more kisses to tease him. I sucked his balls before licking his shaft. I went back to the head of his cock and slowly led it all inside my mouth. It was so big but the feeling of it inside my mouth is so great. I sucked his cock like it was a piece of my favorite grub.

“Oh honey you’re so good,” he moaned. “Sige pa tuloy mo lang. Sarap mo mag-bj.”

Seemed like a motivation, I really did my best to please him.

“I want u now!” he stopped me from sucking him. “Ride me.”

I straddled him as he guided his cock into my very wet pussy.

“Shit!” dahil sa sarap. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........

Whoa! The feeling of his huge cock beginning to fill me was so good as I slowly lowered my body. It was all in and I stopped moving for a while to gratify the feeling of his manhood buried inside me. Then he get hold of my waist and guided my to go up and down. I wanna scream because of delight. Sobrang sarap ng feeling magtaas-baba. I moved faster on his top and he begun to receive my thrusts and then I gave a loud moan as I reached orgasm.

We did doggy-style (one of my favs) and it brought me more and more orgasms. His thrusts came more and more faster as his breathing became more intense.

“Honey I’m cumming,” he told me.

“Sige putok mo sa loob please malapit na rin ako! Don’t you dare pull it out!” I ordered and he cummed inside me as I reached another peak of satisfaction.

We collapsed on the sofa catching our breath, sweating and tired but with smile of happiness and satisfaction.

He stayed few more hours that day and don’t even wanna leave my side. We did various positions and he never failed to bring me the ecstasy of sex. The feeling of satisfaction kasi alam kong this man wanted me so much and I felt the same. The feeling of satisfaction kasi he fucked me so hard but di ko naramdaman na binastos ako in a way.
Hapon na ng pumayag siyang umuwi on the condition na sabay kami magsisimba and so we went to the church and attended the mass together. We even ran along some friends and asked why we’re together with hands clasped tight. He jokingly answered “We’re getting married now kung papayag na tong isang to.”

If I didn’t know it was for fun, I would’ve gladly said yes.

If I didn’t know I might just be his current flame, I would’ve gladly told him I can marry him through all the churches.

If I didn’t know he just needed me for his desire, I would’ve
gladly confessed I learned to love him. Hypocrite enough to let go of my six years relationship for him you may say.

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