Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Younger Tita

(by Babyguy)

today, i am a married man with a loving wife and son whom i cherish most in my life. this story happened a few years ago when i was still studying. i was 19 at that time and was enrolled in one of the most prestigious schools here in Manila. life was great for me, i had everything going. i was living the life i always wanted. the reason for this was that when i was in high school, i was never exactly the type of guy you would really like to date or even just hang out. i was extremely fat before when i was in high school, and at that time i don’t know but people tend to make a mockery of fat people (hell yeah!) unlike today wherein we live in a society that doesn’t really exactly care anymore whether your fat or not. in fact, i myself find chubby people sexy
:) anyways, to get back to the story. being fat, i was so repressed and frustrated. so when i got into college and got myself introduced to a larger sea of very beautiful ladies i started to get conscious and made a vow that i would get a buffed type of body. and i did. i achieved it completely by 2nd year college. and all hell went loose! haha! i did everything, experienced everything like it was the end of the world. life was great! i didn’t know!

anyways, i am the eldest child in the family. my father is already separated with my mom and is living with the woman who destroyed our family. i myself was an open person and was very understanding and did not mind that much since i was living my life at its best, why get angry with my father and bring myself down the toilet. so i just continued to live the life as i always did. anyway, i loved my parents despite their shortcomings, i felt that i am already that mature, to understand the realities of life.

one day, my father invited me to his home since it was my half brothers birthday. we are all boys by the way (haha!). i came around late in the afternoon since me and my mom came from tagaytay after an overnight we had. when i arrived, there were already tons of visitors including the family from dad’s side and from the “you know whos” side. i wasn’t exactly acquainted with the other side so i just sat on a corner where nobody could disturb me and just wanted to be left alone (loner daw kasi ako.. huhu). i went to the visitors room afterwards coz it was getting hot outside already and there was good airconiditioning inside. i went in and i saw the “you know whos” cousin and a friend of hers. the cousin’s name is tina while her friends name is natasha. therefore, if you consider our relationship, since she is the cousin of my dad’s mistress, it makes her my tita. my younger tita… anyways, when i got in they gave me a hi and hello of which they also introduced themselves formally. “Hi there, you must be Mike, Tito Christophers son right?” tina said. “yes, i am. you must be Tita Jenny’s cousin right?” i said. then they immediately invited me to sit down beside them. of course, i sat beside my tita (haha!) and her friend at the other side. i kept looking at both of them since they were so hot. her friend was wearing a very mini skirt while my tita was wearing plunging. i couldn’t stop looking at my tita’s breast and her friends legs for quite some time. good thing they didn’t notice that.

at around 7pm, they asked my dad if i can drop them by at the fort that night. i was shocked because i wasn’t really expecting that. thinking that they just wanted me to drop them off, i gladly said ok because i was that a gentlemen. when we got to fort they invited me to stay with them. “Mike, stay with us. we want you to join us.” tina said. i gave it some thought and then i don’t know what the hell i was thinking, i just said “yes!”. we went in, had a couple of drinks and started to dance. i knew already at that time that both of them were already cooking up something. they wanted me to drink and drink. good thing my tolerance was very high already at the time. we started dancing like the usual people. then my tita was slowly approaching me until our bodies were attached. she started sliding her entire body into mine while she was dancing. it felt really good. then she turned around with her back facing me. she then pushed her butt directly into my penis. fuck! my member instantly came to life. i told myself that something was already going to happen that night. and then she pushed it even further by having me hold her butt and having me push her even closer to me. by this time i knew she would’ve felt my penis poking her sexy big ass. she looked at me and said, “You like it?” while giving me that naughtily look. “Yes”, i said. immediately after that i started to move my hand upwards until i entered my hands into here top and touching her boobs. hell! it was big! fuck, i knew i had to have it before the night ends.

She moaned slightly when i touched it while her eyes closed. savoring the moment as it was happening. i started kissing her ears, and i felt her body jerk when i did. must be the lascivious sensation that made her jerk like that. i started getting hot myself, seeing that she was in her extremed height of sensations. afterwards, i took her by the face, turned her around, and started kissing her torridly. i didn’t care that the people were looking, they’re welcome to do it if they want. after that, she asked “You wanna leave?”. i said, “where will we go?” and she whispered naughtily into my ears, “ikaw na bahala..” (the famous tagline!)

after that, we left the bar scene and went to pasig, which was the closest place we could get coming from the fort. we checked in and immediately once the sliding garage doors were down, we immediately started kissing each other. “uhhhhhmmmmm ahhhhh oohhhhhhh, fuck mike ansarap mo!” she said. and i immmediately responded by saying “kaw din kaya”. we were kissing like hell until we got into the room. and when we did, we started unclothing each other like it was the end of the world. we were so excited that we wanted to get things started ASAP! when i undressed her all, i pushed her in the bed and had her lie down. i started to kiss her by the toes.

“UHHHHHHHHHHH!!” she exclaimed violently. then i continued by kissing her upwards from that direction. i kissed her by the side of her kneecaps and went directly to her legs and her groin. “AHHHHHH OOOHHHH SHIIIIITTTT!! my god ansarap! fuck!” she said. and she told me “please don’t stop!”. and i continued upwards but only slightly her pussy. i did not go there yet, instead, i slip my tongue just a little only for her to get a glimpse of how it felt and immediately ran my tonuge out of that area while licking her body on the way to her chest. “fuck Mike, you know how to excite me huh! loko ka tlga, marunung ka mangtease ha” she said. and i simply responded, “no, i’m just learning it with you right now”. i saw her breats and it was so huge, damn! i wanted to eat it whole. so i held her breasts, licked the underpart first very slowly and then fastly without notice i swirled my tongue on her nipples. “FUCKKKKKKK MIKKKKKEEEE!! that was sooooo sarap!! shit!!” she said. i did it also on her other boob and the reaction was just as pleasurable. after that, i started going downwards again, going to her young and wet pussy. she said she was no longer a virgin, but i didn’t really care, i told her i’d make her feel like she was a virgin again. and when i got down, i started by having my tongue slightly touch her pussy. “OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWHHHHH!! SSSSSSSSSSSS!!” she exclaimed. immediately i knew she was in pleasure. she said, “tangina mo Mike, wala pa gumagawa sakin niyan, kahit boyfriend ko hindi pa nahahalikin pussy ko. ansarap!”. hearing that, i didn’t stop there. once again, without notice, i vigorously slid my tongue inside her wet and young pussy. ”FUUUUUCCKCKKKKKKK!!! PUTANG INA!!!! ANSARAP!!” she said. her juices were so sweet, very very yummy. and i continued by licking it. i told her “please, wag ka muna lalabasan. i want you to hold it until the big one para masarap. then babawi tayo later as much as you want, after the first one.” she said, “FUCK Mike! masyadong masarap e! pero sige, i want to explode later like i never have before.” knowing that i continued licking her clit as deep as i can. i can see from her face that she was exerting effort in holding it inside of her. but i knew then, it would’ve been all worht it later.

after i ate her, i stood up and told her, “would you like to taste mine?”. she replied, “panung taste yours? BJ kita?”. I replied, “Yes, BJ. why? ayaw mo?”. “No, it’s not that. I never tried it before kasi not even with my boyfriend. this is my first.” she said. i then told her it’s ok and that i would teach her how to do it. i held her hand and guided it to my penis. she touched it and said “wow Mike, it’s big and fat. ansarap siguru nito sa loob ko.”. i then replied by telling her she’ll find out soon. she then started by licking the tip of my dick. “ahhhhhhhhh!! sshhhhhh!! shit!” i said. it felt gud. the way she licked, i knew she never made a BJ in her entire life. and then, she swallowed it whole.

“OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! PUTANG INA ANGSARAP MO TINA!! PUNYETA KA!! TANGINA KAKANTUTIN TALAG KITA MAMAYA!!” i said. she just continued sliding my penis inside her mouth and she seems to have enjoyed it very much.

i pulled my member out and told her “are you ready? ipapasok ko na sa loob mo.” she replied, “sure, kanina ko pa nga hinihintay e”. i pulled her from her behind and set her body in the bed. i could see the entirety of her body and it sent me shivers in the body. i told myself “shet, parang tita ko na rin tong kakantutin ko.” but i thought what the hell, it made the heightened sensation even more nastier. so i positioned myself to thrust my dick inside her. when i was just about to stick my dick in her she stopped me and said, “galingan mo ha?”, i replied “yes”. and i pointed my dick towards her and made a slow shallow entry while stopping abruptly. “OOHHHHHHHH!!! why are you stopping Mike??? Fuck me please tangina mo!!”. i didn’t say anything, i just closed my eyes and pushed myself forward again but not completely. “FUUUUUCCKKKKK OOOOOOHHHHHHHH!! ansarap!! fuck me fuck me!!” she said. and then i went on for the big kill, i pushed the entire lenght of my member inside her until i hit her vagina.

“FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUCCKKKK MIKE!! oooohhhhhhh that’s so gooooooooood!!!!!! please do it please!!” she said. and then i started pumping her. i fucked her not like it was the end of the world. i FUCKED her like i was her man. i FUCKED her by starting with several shallow thrusts and a big deep one. with that big deep one, i knew i’ve been hitting her vagina which felt so good. i would then swivel my entire lower body after a big deep one. she’d gasp for air and moan as loud as she can as if she were in both so much pleasure and pain.

“Tangina Mike, you really know what you’re doing!! AAAAHHHHHHH AAHHHHHHH AAAAHHHHHHH!!” she said. “yes, i do”, i said. then kissed her in the lips passionately. after a while she said, “oh my god mike, i’m soo sooo near to cumminnnnggg!!! fuck!! i want to cum now!! tangina please! let’s cum now!!” she said. i replied, “ok, i’ll fuck you very hard now. i’m going to cum with you. can i cum inside you?”. and she said, “you know, not even my boyfriend has ever cummed inside me. but you, i want you to fucking cum inside me ok?”. i replied “fuck tina, you’re so yummy, i’m gonna cum all the way inside you right now!!”. so i pumped as hard as any man can fuck. the room was trembling with moans, vibrations and the like.

it was as if something very big was about to explode. “OOOOHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHH!!! Mike, ansarap ba na kinakantot mo ako ngayon? sarap diba? tangina parang ginantihan na rin natin si pinsan at daddy mo. so make it good!! fuck me hard and cum inside me!!” she said. hearing that, heightened my sense of pleasure and indeed, “lalo akong nalibugan!!”. i FUCKED her real hard and real deep when she said “TANGINA Mike!!!! LALABASANNN NAKO!!! OOOHHHH AHHHH AYAN NAA!!!”. i replied, “ako din Tina, tangina ayan nakooo!! malapit na sheit!! ayan na!!!!! oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!”.

i released all my love gravy inside her. i knew she was in so much pleasure because when i squirted my semen inside her, i was in a deep position and the tip of my cock was smacked to the walls of her vagina. fuck ansarap guys i tell you!! so after that we lied in the bed coz we were so tired. i kissed her passionately as if i were her boyfriend. i told her “your the hottest girl i’ve ever made love with, and i’ll never get tired of doing this with you forever.” she smiled and give me a big hug, in fact she cried because she liked it so much as well she said.

Much as well she said.

until today, we still talk with each other. but we both know that it would be impossible for us. we still did it several times after that incident, secretly as in top secret. but that’s a different story. hope you liked it, that’s me and my younger tita’s story. i’m sorry if i think there were gaps, i never wrote a story especially like this one before. thank you very much.

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