Thursday, March 11, 2010

One Night Stand

Written by: rach3lle

Hi. it’s my first post, so mercy mercy…=p I just hit 32, a single mum and not involved with anyone right now, so there, that’s me in plain context. But most of my stories, that i will write here are from my life experiences, and some from people from around me. and so…i’d like to start out with one night…

One monday night (yes monday), years back, (i think we were 21ish,my girl friend who is a nursing grad, just finished whatever she was doing in school (thesis i guess). so to celebrate, she invited me and my other girl friend (who is bisexual by the way) to drink out. We met up in timog, one of the bars there, but since its monday, the crowd are few and we decided na lumipat somewhere in ortigas, metrowalk to be exact. Which is the same few crowd, but cheaper i guess. Pero enjoy naman, the Dj and the waiters are very much accomodating, even pointing us out ok single guys, which we are not really interested in meeting.

But in the corner of my Jill (friend who’s celebrating) saw this guy sitting on the bar by himself. we asked the waiter who he is. Sabi ng waiter: “a yan ba? di ko kilala ma’am, pero madalas mag isa yan talaga dito, minsan uuwi na lang may kasama, minsan wala.” pinatawag namin sya sa waiter to sit down with us, but he rejected and did not even looked at us.ncuriuos naman ako with his actions, i even thought he was gay, o baka naman nagpapakipot lang. since sya lang ok na guy dun, Jill dared me to talk to him.

I agreed and in short, nagpapakipot lang pala. agad agad he opened up and bought us drinks. His name is Jon, 28yrs old, teacher from one of the prestigious college here.(tall, moreno and handsome, i wonder what this teacher can teach me). we were trying to make him drunk, pero matibay sya, which i like in a man. I kept on saying, type siya ni jill, don’t flirt. andrea even notice how i look at him, and she said, gah…he’s flirting back at you.stop it. I asked andrea na samahan ako mag CR, and leave the two. we were laughing on the way to the CR and she’s telling me that both our body languages suggest somethings up, like the way we both danced with each other, and almost kissed (almost, i was waiting for him to lean towards and do it when i was teasing him, but he wouldn’t go for it).

After a few minutes, we came back and saw Jill and Jon making out. we were both shocked (JIll has a bf). but more on, i was aroused, Jon is one helluvah guy I guess.they just both smiled, and JIll wanted to go to the CR next. I was left with Jon alone, and came the waiter with 4 shots of tequilla, sabi ko: “apat? para kanino un isa?”, ” sa ating dalawa” he said. “I asked the waiter to bring 4 shots pag nag CR friends mo”. Gaawwdd…planning all the while, I just smiled and shoot the sucker down. im so tipsy, but he was just calm and still teasing me with his look. na parang hinuhubaran na nya ako. i looked around and see that everyone is minding their own business, so i decided to fool around with him, i hid the lime in my cleavage I was wearing this thight black spag. strap, with no bra, js the support pad holding my 34b boobs (bought in mango by the way =p). when we both did the second shots, he said, “asan un lime?” i pointed wer it is, and without a word, he grabbed my right boobs by cupping it gently and shove his mouth sa cleavage ko.

I was about to scream, pero masarap, i held his head, and brush my fingers in his hair, and js left a sof moan. We kissed and let go, when we saw my friends walking from afar. grabe they could see how red i am blushing. and nasabi ko lang, “lasing na ata ako”. but i can feel na medyo wet na ko downstairs. so we continue, drinking, dancing, and flirting, andrea even dared Jon to kiss us three to see who’s the best kisser, of course, Jon told everybody is, but we all know sya panalo for having kissed by us three hehe…

glancing and brushing his body against mine, di na ko makapgpigil, sorry JIll, ill just make up for it next time. I asked Jon na samahan ako mag CR, nagCR din sya, and after, he waited for me near sa CR ng girls. Paglabas ko, since walang tao, he carried me and leaned me on the wall and kissed me torridly. what the f***?!? his manhood is so rock hard, that i can feel it underneath his jeans. He asked, “pano tayo?”, I told him, ” I need to go anyways, why don’t you take me home and tell them you’d pick em up back”. too bad he dont have a car, and we have to settle to “hahatid ko lang sya to get a cab”. Andrea was suspiscious, and Jill was ready for him, I felt guilty coz she even whispered that she felt something hard in his crotch, and he made her put her hand inside his pants.

but nonetheless, kami ni Jon ang nagCab, and nagbiro pa siya, “o san tayo?”.”My place is far from here, ikaw ba?” “I live far also, motel na lang?” I guess both of us cant wait, since maraming mots near pasig.on the way, he is very quiet,i asked why, and he just kissed me and guide my hand feeling his crotch. we ended up in a cheap room, pero ok na rin, i guess maraming malilibog that night.

He went to the bathroom first and did his thing, then my turn, akala ko sasama siya, but i guess not. habang naliligo ako, msyadong tahimik, akala ko nakatulog na sya,then i hear my phone ringing,and he shouted about it, I went out of the bathroom feeling refresh, and nagulat ako, that’s why his quiet, he was stroking himself, while watching porn, i smiled and kissed him. again my phone is ringing, it was jill, i answered “hoy bitch san ka? you ran off with him no..hahaha”, i said: shhh…im home na, sneaking in. (while he was caressing my boobs, and me stroking his dick).

Call you maya?” and i drop my phone down, and went to do our business. He was gentle, and i like the way he looks at me while doing foreplay. parang sya pa tong nangaakit.oh and i love his girth,”shit may phone call ulit” “wag mona sagutin, if you dont want them to hear you scream” he layed me down, and kissed me, parang nagdidilaan lang kami for a moment, and he also licked my ears. pababa sa neck and chest, while his hands is all over me. “alam mo, type ko kasi petite tlaga e” (me being just 5′4 and him almost 6 i think), “a kaya pala hindi mo gusto si Jill?” (Jill’s a bit on the chubby side). “no shes ok” with that, tinanggal nya black thong ko slowly, na may habol na kiss every time he takes it off an inch lower. shaved ako down under, and by the looks of his face, he likes it.

“ang bango, sarap mo tangina” I just giggled, and pinigil ko kiliti ko dahil sa sarap (im a bit ticklish). again, my phone, text message. he kissed my left inner thigh, licks it up and down, and then my right. tapos, he opens my pussy by their cheeks, di ko na mapigilan and held his head. he just looked at me and smiled, he then licked my clit and the hole of my pussy, he has a great smooth tongue. I let out a loud moan, OFMG! gawdd your so good at it.puta ka…you’re gonna make me cum agad. i could see how we look like at the mirror on top of us (love those room). Jon has a great bod, parang nagwworkout. i could see his butt sticking out while he’s eating me. which turns me on more. Nilalamas ko na sarili kong boobs sa sarap. the rooms echoes with my moan. gusto ko rin marinig ng labas how good this guy is eating me. I came twice and i could feel i squirted a lil (rarely happens to me). tama na tama na…i begged. f*** me Jon f*** me hard. he lied down, and guided me on top of him.

I kissed him so hard, and went down kissing his nipples, going to his cock. I tried measuring his by my mouth, slowly kissing its head, licking its body, kissing and sucking his head until i can put it all inside my mouth. he’s average or above average pinoy 6″, but his girth really amazes me, almost more than 2″ diameter ata, and really rock hard, not that kind na medyo lumpy and medyo soft. sa kanya kasi tindig talaga, and hindi ganun straight. para syang joystick sa arcade that sticks towards him. he told me that my BJ is like porn. at that, I spit at his cock, and stroked it and suck it again, going down to his balls, nice…he’s trimmed (guys its good to have trimmed cock, nnot bushy or hairless, tama lang, girls like that=p). I can feel sarap na sarap na sya, i even watch him and me in action sa mirror sa side ng bed namin (i think i love mirrors lol).medyo matagal ko syang na-BJ before he asked me to be on top.

As i am already wet again,he puts on a rubber, i mount him, and rub his against mine. and began to ride his cock. “”"ooohhhhhh”"” ahh”"”" shit…” sarap mong fuck” came out of my mouth. slowly i grinded and went up and down on him, in my head, i was thinking, fuck bakit ko pinipigilan sarili ko magcum. ilan kadyot pa, i came again. ang sarap, nakakapanghina. he lied me down, with taking his cock off, he spread my legs around him almost in his shoulder and pump me. he was doing it gentle at first, and came harder and harder, faster and faster, like na hihirapan na sya, and ako naman sarap na sarap, i felt myself cumming again. he then told me to hug him, and he carried me off the bed, and fuck me standing up.

shit, i can feel my cum dripping, wala akong masabi, i was surprised na kaya nya ako (95lbs. lang naman ata ako nun). both of our moans filled the room, and sobrang sarap and sweaty kami after that position, i love being hanged with a cock. pinatuwad nya ko and entered me doggy style, he stood and the edge of the bed and started f***ing me. i ask matagal ka ba talagang labasan? (while he was pumping up my ass, i asked =p). he said:”pag nakainom kasi ako nahihirap ako e” im already satisfied, another cum and id die smiling. after a few strokes, i came again, saw him smiling but tired. “dont worry, malapit na ko” he told me.

“dont worry jon, you made me very happy, its your turn.” i sat him, and licked his cock, agad agad, i can sense na malapit na nga sya, i smiled and told him, hmmm we both hate rubbers no? =p he told me yes. and sinalsal ko ng sinalsal, hanggang sa mafeel ko na malapit na, that’s when i put it on my mouth, and stroke it while drooling over it, hinahabol ko un pag suck sa cock nya with my own spit while tickling his balls. until he exploded his load onto my mouth. literally, napuno mouth ko w his cum. sobrang naipon ata. he lied down, na sarap na sarap. i cleaned up then him. pag tingin ko sa phone ko 34msgs. 4miss calls. some guys some girls. shit, 2hrs kami, and its just one round

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