Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sex at 14

Written by: oliViar

I was only 14 years old when I had my first skyrocketed heaven. Though I was so unsatisfied and unexplainable feelings I had back then. I would like to hide my identity so I will not use my real name since this is a personal and unforgettable experience & story of mine. Call me OliViar as to what my pen name here.

My father used to have his private office just downstairs from our two story residence. He has a secretary, a messenger and a law practitioner. Let’s call him through his real name Dante. He is 14 years senior to me. From the local celebrity star today I could compare his looks to Joem Bascom.(not sure if it’s Bascon or Bascom) At 14 I was already prolific with a perfect body built though I’m morena but as what they name it in tagalong as malaking bulas at a very young age. I already stand 5’4 at that age.

My dad would always call me through our intercom, like he wants to make lambing to me and would asked me to hand over his personal things upstairs and(the one that he forgets to bring with him) so as a good daughter I would always obliged myself to hand over what he needed. One fine Saturday morning my dad left his spectacle at the center table so I was in a hurry to run after him and hand over his spectacle but to my dismay my father already left. So, I went inside his office. I didn’t know that Dante was there. Since, they don’t have work on weekends but he was there. He greeted me with the same rhythm every day since the day he joined my father’s office. Hi Langga! Come to kuya… and I would answer him back Kuya ka diyan! You’re too old enough to be my kuya. But, he would not entertain how sarcastic I was but to his delight, he would continue teasing me, okey.. Come here and sit in my life I will sing a song for you. Then I would answer him back again, “Ayaw ko, sintunado ka naman eh” then he would ran after me. I don’t have my mother around me since she is far away working; it’s just me and my two older brothers under the care of our yaya. I was running away from him when I stepped on one of the stairs that suddenly breaks and the pain was too much for me to stand up and the next thing I realized he was carrying me like his bride. He brought me upstairs and asked manang to bring ice and a towel. While I was in his arms, I smelled his fresh manly scent. He was compressing my legs with a light massage, asking me “san masakit” dito ba? Hanggang sa paitaas ng paitaas ang touches niya sa akin. I could not explain what I felt that time. It was the very first time not my relative/yaya caressing my legs. So, manang came back with a pack of cold compress. She was mocking me that I was so careless. So he volunteered to bring me in my room so that I could rest, after manang applied the pack of cold compress and he requested manang to bring it inside my room. Then, manang left us and close the door. He then continued to apply the cold pack in my legs especially to the bruised part. He then told me to go to sleep. I just pretended that I was falling to sleep. I wasn’t wearing a bra, so I know my nipples were blatantly obvious. While I closed my eyes, he was staring at me. So I opened my eyes. I don’t know what comes inside my head when I told him that, you can lay down beside me. He then answered me back “okey, but not for long. I have obligations downstairs waiting for me.” Then I said okey. He is now lying next to me. I can hear his breath’s turning heavy one after another. Sometimes, when I do close my eye I can feel he was staring in my breast. Then, I tried to put my arms in his shoulder then he would gesture tapping me to sleep. I moved closer to him. With eyes close our face are so close that I can smell him. Hmmmm…, deep breath. Then, when I opened my eyes we’ve come face to face.. an eye for an eye. He come closer to me, He kissed me. Smacked at first and I don’t know how to react.

It was my first. He kissed me again, this time with a penetration of his tongue wanting to taste the inside of my mouth, then he whispered to my ear, just open your mouth a little bit, to which I did. Then he’s tongues was already inside my mouth. Felt good. The little hair of my nape started to stand and I felt so cold. We were just kissing, Then he told me to kiss him back to which I also kissed him. He then said let’s play with our tongues. We were kissing for like 25minutes of nonstop kissing. The next thing that I know is, his arms were wrapped around me. My breasts were pressing against his chest. I felt so good. Then our househelp was knocking my door, we stop immediately like catching our breaths. He fixed himself and told me he will go downstairs na. He kissed me in the forehead before he left. Manang was staring conspicuously at him. That whole afternoon I just kept on thinking about him. Tumatayo ang balahibo ko everytime I think about him and to what we did. By Monday, I was watching myself in the mirror because I know he would be reporting then. When I was at the stairs I tried to take a peek at his table, he was not around. I want to ask my father about him but I was ashamed. Monday turned Saturday and another Monday came, still, no shadow of him that I could see. I was disappointed. Wednesday came and my father joined us for dinner. He told everyone that he will be in Manila for a two weeks convention that Manang will be the one to take care for us and Dante will sleep with us for straight two weeks. I was so happy though I didn’t show it to everyone but Manang meaningfully stared at me.

So, my father left us earlier than what he told us. Forgot to tell that we had a stay out family driver. When I arrived home, I went directly to my father’s office but couldn’t find him there. Disappointments eat me out again. I extendedly watched tv in our living room, manang already prepared his room. I want to wait till he arrives. Till 9pm he hasn’t arrive. I heard someone was opening the door downstairs so I was thinking it was him, though I didn’t heard the doorbell rang. After 30 minutes I decided to go downstairs, went downstairs tiptoe. Baka magising si Manang. So, I noticed that the garage light was still switched on, we were taught about conserving, I slowly walk and to my shocked, Manangs head was in the driver’s lap. Manong J’s eyes were widely shut off. His facial expression was hard to describe. Ohh my innocence!!! Then, all of a sudden I felt arms wrapping me. When I turn my head, it was Dante. He told me to go upstairs and he will follow in a short while. I quickly went inside my room. Took a shower and sprayed Poison’s eau-de-toilet all over me it was a gift from my mom. So, I went to my bed, I did not realized that I fell asleep until some passionate kissed woke me up. It was Dante. I smelled his manly scent again. We kissed, until all my nerves are awakened. He started kissing me in my lips, lumaban na din ako ng torrid kissing. He started pressing my breast. He held me up. Kissing passionately in a standing position with matching caressing my boobies. I felt so good. Ahhhhhhh… am moaning to my delight.

He undressed me. Removed my t-shirt and pajamas. He sucked my nipples one after the other, hinalikan niya ulit ako sa labi. Hugging me so tight. Nagdidiliryo na ang feelings ko. Hardly unexplainable. Sucked my tits again. This time, he removed my undies. I tried to stop him, dun ako kinabahan. Then he pushed me down. Pinaluhod niya ako and it was the first time I saw a D I C K. Hmmm unfortunate D I C K. May kaliitan kasi eh. He told me to lick it like ice cream which I did. Ummmpphhh… Lick.. then he told me to take the whole of it, because of the adrenaline feelings I had I was like an obedient princess. Lick ko yung dick niya, sabi pa niya dilaan ko daw yun may hiwa, dinilaan ko naman then he told me again to have the entire dick in my mouth, ayun, when I looked at him, naka buka yun bibig niya na parang me sinasabi pero wala naman ako madinig I remembered Manong J hahahha. After 30 minutes of sucking and licking he grabbed me, ipinatong nya ako sa tokador ko, he sucked my tits again.. I was ahhhh….ohhhhhh Dante…brawling his head.. arching my back..ohhh Dante..Ahhhhhh. Nawawalan ako ng ulirat when he is sucking my tits.. I could feel his tongue playing with my nipple(nagbabasa pa din ako, everytime I remember those days) He inserted his other hand inside my panty this time, we kissed hungrily… you can’t hear anything from me aside from.. Uhmmmmmm… ahhhhhh ohhhhh Dante.. arching my back…..Ahhhhh Dante, sige pa… felt good ahhh…. Ummmmmmmmm Dante, then he slowly kisses my tummy. Until his whole face was in between my legs. I was sitting in my dresser, remember? With legs widely open with a panty still on, Nagbabasa na din ang pundiyo ng panty ko, he eats me while I have still my undies. Another 30 minutes of eating me,,I am so wet. Gosh.. Ahhhhhhhh.. Dante… Ahhhhh… He kissed me again, torridly.. this time he remove my undies… with his hands till he carried me again..with my legs wrapped around his waist just kissing, sucked my nipples.. ahhhh Dante ohhhhhh.. Ahhhhh then he slowly entered me.

Dahan-dahan ang sakit, I was a pure virigin.. I liked it so much… ahhhh Dante ahhhhhhh and Dante whispered to my ears Ahhhhhhhhh OliViar you are so tight.. Ahhhh.. Yeesssssss.. Dante…Ahhhhh , I like it more when he just carried me with my legs wrapped around his waist and he was like pulling me away and pushed me back again.. then he let me leaned against the wall.. Ahhhh sarap na sarap ako.. Dante Ahhhh.. then he gushed Im coming.. in my mind where is he coming??? Ohhhh fucked… he us cumming ahhhhh….. I could feel some adrenaline inside me, but he exploded already and I was bitin as they say it. Nangangatog na daw yun legs niya he rested me back to my dresser.. I was still kissing him, after 5 minutes of him standing, he carried me again in my bed, there, I was lying and he then went back to my pussy, He eats me.. he told me that, my pussy does not smell bad even though he cum in already(which until now, most of my sex partners would tell me that I am still tight and my pussy smells so good that they love to do 69 with with me) he licked my clitoris and sometimes sinisipsip niya which is driving me crazy. At that night, I wasn’t able to reach my orgasm. I just had the feeling of pure sex from my innocent hood. From those two weeks we do it every night until I was able to have my first orgasms. He ate my pussy for straight 1 hour. He said, since my dad is coming home soon, he wants me to reach my orgasms so that I could not tend to forget my first. Straight one hour he was just playing with my clitoris. Dante starts to suck my nipples again, passionate kiss, he entered me in a doggy style, then he ate my pussy again, stayed in my pussy,, I was driving myself crazy ahhh Dante ahhh,,sarap..more…. suck my pussy please…deeper ahhhh… ohhh ahhh Dante ahhhhh then I demanded him to enter me, which he did. Dante, please deeper,, ahhhhh Dante suck my nipples ahhhh,,, kissing torrid ahhh we dance to one rhythm. I locked my legs around his waist, thrusting hard..ahhhh…ummmmmmm ahhhhh.. Ahhhhhhh.suck my nipple Dante ahhhhhhhhhh… Pumping me that I would bounce back more please… deeper our bodies were dancing in one rhythm ahhhhh I am cumming….ahhhhh suck my nipples… ahhhhh there I am cumming more …Dante ahhhhhhh yeah baby… Ahhhhh ohhhh ohhhh ahhhh I had my first orgasm. Felt so drained. There were nights too that he wore condoms for my protection and he bend down, slurrppinng my juices.. I don’t like it at first but later on he stayed there again we did some more rounds from 1a till 5am.Maaga kasi gumigising si Manang…so he has to be discreet which I also understand. No relationships. Just pure exploration at 14.

Hope you like this entry!

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